Woman arrested in accidental shooting of toddler in Fort Pierce

    Jalecia Dobson (Fort Pierce Police Department)

    A 24-year-old woman was arrested Sunday in the accidental shooting of a 3-year-old child, Fort Pierce police said.

    Jalecia Dobson had been watching her stepchild and two other children on Nov. 28 when she left them alone to go to Publix for 20 minutes, according to police. While she was gone, the two children were playing hide-and-seek, one of them found a gun in a drawer in Dobson's bedroom. The child was showing the gun to Dobson's stepchild when it went off, firing a bullet into the child's left thigh.

    A neighbor called 911 after one of the children ran out of the house on South 30th Street screaming, police said. The child who was shot was airlifted to St. Mary's Medical Center.

    The other children were taken to the police department, where the Department of Children and Families later came to remove them.

    When Dobson came back to the home, she told police she didn't know there was a gun in the house and wouldn't let them search the home, according to an arrest report. Once police were able to get a search warrant, they returned and found 157 grams of marijuana, $1,200 in cash, a scale and a cash counter, as well as two other guns.

    Dobson turned herself in on Sunday.

    She's facing charges of child neglect with great harm, unlawful storage of firearms and culpable negligence.

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