Woman accusing Uber driver of rape details allegations a second day

Woman accusing Uber driver of rape details allegations a second day. (WPEC)

Jurors on Tuesday heard emotional testimony from a woman who claims her Uber driver raped her, after a night at Sunfest.

For a second day, the woman said Gary Kitchings forced her to perform edgy sex acts.

“It was disgusting for hours, days and months later,” the woman told the jury.

Kitchings has always maintained the sex was consensual.

During the defense’s cross-examination, the alleged victim again recounted the night last May, when Kitchings picked her up at Sunfest.

Riding back to her apartment in Jupiter, she said Kitchings groped her and ordered her to perform a sex act.

The woman said she considered jumping from the moving car.

“You know what I realized this is a nightmare,” the woman recalled. “This guy is a monster and he is going to do things to me I don’t want to do. I already told him no.”

But the woman said the car door was locked, and Kitchings said he had a gun. She said she complied.

Arriving at her home, the woman said Kitchings followed her, forcing his way inside. She said she feared he could kill her.

“As soon as he said that if you don’t do what I want you to do, I’m going to kill you and your dogs,” said the woman. “As soon as he said that, I stopped screaming.”

The woman cried, explaining she was more concerned about her dogs.

She said the sexual assaults continued in her bedroom.

The defense’s cross-examination was lengthy and delved into great detail, apparently an attempt to find weaknesses in the woman’s story.

The same woman made a rape allegation in New York a year earlier. That case is still pending.

Also on the witness stand Tuesday: Police, a sexual assault responder, a neighbor, and fellow Uber riders.

The local trial is expected to conclude by Thursday.

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