Woman, 77, assaulted in home invasion by woman posing as nurse

Woman wanted for a home invasion in Boynton Beach. (Boynton Beach Police)

An innocent 77-year-old woman was attacked in a place many of us should feel safe. Her own home.

Police said a woman pretending to be a nurse forced her way into the elderly woman’s home and assaulted her in broad daylight.

The reason, police said, was to score some drugs.

The elderly woman did everything she could to keep the intruder from coming inside her apartment at the Village Royale on the Green.

“I’ve been attacked. I’m an old woman. She pushed me and I landed flat on my back and I banged my head on the floor. Then she went to the bedroom, opened the drawer, took stuff, I had full of pills. Then she came back and kicked me while I was lying down there,” the victim told a 911 dispatcher.

The victim told police a woman knocked on her apartment door around 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 4, claiming to be a fill-in nurse with Affinity Home Care.

“The woman refused to let her inside and said that the company always calls her and notifies her when a different nurse is coming for the day. So she would not let this other woman inside of her apartment,” said Stephanie Slater with Boynton Beach Police.

“What’s the world come to when you can’t open your door,” the victim told the 911 dispatcher.

Residents of this senior living community are shocked to hear their sweet neighbor is in serious condition at a hospital.

“It’s scary that people would do such a thing,” Susan Gyetvay said.

Gyetvay said she would do exactly what police are now advising everyone to do.

“ Next time don’t open your door unless you are sure,” she said.

Right now, Boynton Beach police are looking for the suspect’s getaway car seen in surveillance video fleeing the scene.

It could be a Nissan Altima or an Infinity.

“The thought of someone doing this to anyone’s family member, especially a member of our senior community -- it’s horrific,” Slater said.

Gyetvay has a message for the heartless criminal who hurt her dear neighbor.

“ Shame on you. If I had a chance, I would slap you senseless,” she said.

Detectives are trying to figure out why the victim was targeted and are investigating the possibility it could be an inside job.

In the 911 call, the elderly woman said she thinks she saw the suspect two weeks ago.

Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Strong at 561-742-6110.

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