Witness recalls moment victim of I-95 suspect pleaded for help

Witness recalls moment victim of I-95 suspect pleaded for help. (WPEC)

The man accused of shooting a woman in Lake Worth then driving into oncoming traffic on I-95 is also suspected of shooting another man in West Palm Beach Tuesday Afternoon

Grandmother of three Virginia Walker’s peaceful Tuesday afternoon, was interrupted.

“Firecracker or something then went pop,” exclaimed Walker. However, the noise didn’t come from a firework. Seconds after hearing the noise, she says a man banged on her apartment’s window. “He said I have been shot call 911,” said Walker.

She says the victim, an adult man lived in this complex, but couldn’t make to his apartment after he was shot just a few feet from her home.

“Because he was shot right here in the back,” said Walker. She said blood was dripping everywhere and the victim, who police haven’t identified collapsed feet away from her apartment’s front door.

“He wasn’t saying too much of nothing, he was just in a lot of pain…it was dangerous because I have my grandkids here, my daughter is here and I don’t want nothing to happen to them,” said Walker.

Walker does her best to look after her three grandchildren but knows bullets have no names.

“The bullet could have killed someone’s child,” said Walker. “The suspected shooter is now dead. Walker says it’s still time for a change. She plans to move when she can afford it. “

I guess there is violence everywhere so I just have to be careful,” said Walker.

West Palm Beach Police have not released the name of the victim in Tuesday afternoon’s shooting. They say won’t do so until the sheriff’s office identifies the deceased shooter.

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