With schools receiving threats, a father keeps his daughter from school

Emerald Cove Middle School in Wellington received the most recent threat. (WPEC)

Parents everywhere are on high alert following the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

With more and more students making threats to schools - even as a joke - parents know these situations cannot be taken lightly.

The most recent threat at Emerald Cove Middle School in Wellington has a father keeping his daughter home until he gets more answers from the school district.

John (who wanted to keep his identity private) says that with all the red flags that were missed in regards to Nikolas Cruz, no threat can be taken lightly.

Although Emerald Cove says Monday’s threat wasn’t found to be credible, he says parents deserve more answers so they can determine what’s safe for their child.

Until then, he will not be sending his daughter to school.

“I immediately went and got my daughter out of school - pulled her out,” said John.

It’s been two days and John still hasn’t allowed his daughter to go back to school.

He says he can’t rely on the school to make the final credibility call.

“The reality is this [Nikolas] Cruz kid in Parkland was deemed not to be credible 30 times by the police,” said John.

He says for that reason he needs to be the final judge of what safety concerns are credible.

“I’m not going to depend on a credibility threat by anyone but myself because it’s my responsibility,” said John.

The district said the police are talking to a suspect that will face disciplinary action and maybe criminal charges, but that’s not enough for John.

“I can’t be the only parent that wants to know what was written on the wall,” said John.

Until then, his child won’t be returning to school.

“If she gets killed, then it’s on me. It ain’t on the school,” said John.

The Palm Beach County School District says it is common procedure for them not to release detailed information about threats made to schools.

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