Wife of convicted police sergeant asking other jurors to come forward

Wife of convicted police sergeant hopes letter from juror will keep him home. (WPEC)

A Boynton Beach Police Sergeant is just weeks away from learning his fate.

In November, we first told you a federal jury convicted Sgt. Philip Antico of lying to the FBI in connection to a 2014 beating caught on camera.

Antico is not in the video but was instead the supervisor on duty when all this went down.

Now Sgt. Antico’s wife is speaking only to CBS12 News saying her husband was wrongly convicted.

The mother of three can't imagine raising her kids while her husband sits in a federal prison.

She’s hoping this letter from a juror will set him free.

“The most difficult thing is going to be to comfort my kids every day when they can’t see their father when he doesn't come home every day because he is in prison,” said Venecia Antico.

Venecia sheds tears thinking about a possible future without her husband.

“I’ve thought about the worst-case scenario, but I don’t know. I don’t have a plan,” Venecia said.

Venecia's husband, Sgt. Antico, is set to be sentenced at the end of the month.

“How do you comfort somebody whose lifelong dream has been to be a police officer and now that just been taken away from him,” Venecia said.

His conviction stems from a 2014 police beating video.

Sgt. Antico was accused of allowing his officers to change their reports after learning of this video. The jury acquitted him of falsifying records but convicted him of lying to FBI.

“There were no words. There were just tears,” Venecia said.

But now a turn of events.

A letter from a juror claiming she was bullied into convicting Antico. The letter reads in part "other jurors used their prior misconceptions about police officers and their feeling of someone needing to be held accountable."

A judge has since rejected Antico's lawyer's request to interview the juror.

According to court documents, the judge said argues the juror claims are typical features of jury deliberations.

Now Venecia is left pleading for other jurors to come forward.

“It’s never too late to make a wrong right and stand up for what you actually believed happened and what you felt in your heart was the true verdict, based on the evidence,” Venecia said.

CBS12 spoke with the juror who wrote the letter. She said if given another chance she would not convict Antico.

Antico is due in court on Tuesday and scheduled for sentencing on Feb 27th.

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