Who was Jennifer Salcito?

Jennifer Salcito (Delray PD)

New developments have come to light in a homicide case involving a young woman from Boca Raton.

Jennifer Salcito was trying to show the world her talent and potential star-power. She loved to sing and be photographed.

The 33-year-old wanted to be famous.

Salcito was using a profile on the site to show off her potential as a model and actress.

The she chose to describe herself as "fun loving and bubbly."

Salcito attended Spanish River High School.

For a time, she helped customers with their cell phones at an AT&T store in Boca.

People who live around the scene of her death near 3rd Street, described Salcito as a girl who seemed to be homeless, indicating life might have thrown her some obstacles in recent years.

She was often seen wearing the same clothes and she didn’t say much when concerned neighbors asked if she needed help.

Police are trying to learn more about how the aspiring actress may have ended up in a tough situation.

Attempts to reach her family have gone unanswered so far.

One of the volunteers at the church near the site where her body was found says Salcito was often seen with another person, but details about that other person are not available at this time.

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