Who is Austin Harrouff?

19-year-old FSU student accused of randomly killing a married couple and attempting to eat the male victim’s face.png

On the surface, Austin Harrouff was a son, a top student, an athlete and by all-accounts a well-liked young man. He's also the man Martin County Sheriff's Deputies say is behind a gruesome double-murder.

From his Facebook page, Austin Harrouff looks like any ordinary college student. Images show his arms wrapped around loved ones with a smile on his face.

The Suncoast High School graduate smiled for his senior picture just last year.

Now his neighbors in a quiet Jupiter neighborhood are trying to figure out what could have made him snap.

"It's very troubling," neighbor Michaela Fallon said. "We walk our dog down the street. That's the house we cross over at and it's just not news you want to hear."

"I can’t think of any reason to do that except him being on some kind of crazy drugs," continued Fallon.

A person familiar with the family gave CBS12 two snap-chats Austin sent out, just hours before the gruesome attack. The pictures show him making faces for the camera with the words "Trump" and "the horse" captioning the images.

It's not clear where the pictures were taken and what the words mean.

Tuesday afternoon, Florida State University confirmed the 19-year-old sophomore is enrolled as a student at the University studying Pre-Exercise Science.

"It could of happened to anyone, that's what make it scary news, especially living down the street. It could of happened to anyone," Fallon said.

We reached out to Austin’s father, a local dentist for comment, but the person who answered the phone said "no comment" and hung up.

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