West Palm native Shay Marie takes Nashville by storm

Country music singer Shay Marie is taking Nashville by storm. (WPEC)

Look out CMA’s. Country music singer Shay Marie plans to take over the country music scene.

Music has always been an impactful medium for artists and it proved no different with Shay Marie.

Having been exposed to music from the likes of Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert, the music bug manifested in her at an early age.

“I listened to Martina McBride, she was such a powerhouse and soulful singer," she said.

That soul resonated with her and became the driving force behind her music.

Country music was the medium she felt she could best voice herself and share her emotions.

Just as the music spoke to her, she hopes to do the same with her new upcoming single.

“I want to be able to have an impact on other people through my music," Shay said. "This new single has a very raw feeling. I think it’s something people can relate to, especially for those who are suffering a loss.”

Shay hopes to perform touching songs in larger venues.

“The Grand Ole Opry is my dream venue. It's definitely one of the top venues on my list.”

She hopes to move to Nashville in the near future to further her music career.

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