West Palm Beach police officer charged with grand theft

West Palm Beach police officer Zachary Immler relieved of duty after grand theft investigation. (WPEC)

Greed is what caused a West Palm Beach police officer said led him to allegedly take cash from a home during a drug raid.

Zachary Immler, who was hired in 2010 is now charged with grand theft.

Investigators say the 31-year-old stole more than $6,500 while on duty as a narcotics officer during an October drug raid.

According to the arrest affidavit, Immler admitted he took the money to his supervisor in private.

"I got it. I got the money," Immler said. "I'm sorry...I did something stupid. I put the money in the car.”

Police say the theft happened Oct. 25 as officers served a search warrant at a home at 950 29th Street. An occupant of the home told a supervisor on scene about money and illegal narcotics inside the home. Agents went inside and only found narcotics. According to police, agents later discovered the cash in Immler's constructive possession.

The stolen money was found stuffed inside a latex glove, inside a riffle bag, inside Immler's car, police say.

The department arrested Immler Tuesday afternoon and put him on administrative leave before relieving him of duty.

According to the report, Immler’s been the lead case agent on about 6 search warrants and assisted on dozens of others, therefore he knew the procedure for collecting evidence.

WPBPD Sergeant David Lefont told CBS12:

The West Palm Beach Police Department holds its employees to the highest professional standards. When we learned of the potential breach of public trust, it was immediately investigated, determined to be criminal in nature, and criminal charges were filed against the employee.

Immler would not answer our calls for comment today but his attorney tells CBS12 they plan on entering a non-guilty plea.

The President of the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association says Immler is the son of the former Boynton Beach Police Chief Matthew Immler.

The department investigated Immler nine times for use of force. He’s also been disciplined for court related responsibilities and negligence regarding department property.

CBS12 requested those reports and the cases Immler’s been involved in, but those reports have not yet been received.

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