West Palm Beach Police officer accused of stealing $100 from burglary suspect

West Palm Beach Police arrested officer Crystal Homic on theft charges. (WPEC)

A West Palm Beach Police officer is facing theft charges after investigators say she stole $100 from a burglary suspect.

The investigation began Dec. 7 when officers arrested four people on burglary charges. During the booking process, one of the suspects told detectives he was missing $100 from his personal property. He said he had $600 hidden behind his cellphone case but when the detective counted the money in his presence, there was only $500.

Police said the detective brought the matter to the attention of Officer Crystal Homic. The detective then went to her supervisor after not being satisfied with her response. According to the report, police searched the trash for the original property receipt for $600 but couldn't find it. Police searched Homic's car and found a receipt she completed for $500. Detectives also found the original property receipt for $600 and the missing $100 in a trash can under a table where Officer Homic was seated, according to police.

That night, Officer Homic was put on administrative leave and relieved of all police powers.

Homic is also facing official misconduct charges. She is on paid administrative leave for two weeks. At that time where will be a hearing to determine whether she'll still be paid, according to police spokesman Sgt. David Lefont.

West Palm Beach Police issued this statement:

The West Palm Beach Police Department holds its employees to the highest professional standards. When we learned of the potential breach of public trust, it was immediately investigated, determined to be criminal in nature, and criminal charges were filed against the employee.

Homic was hired by the department in 2007, according to her personnel file released by police. She faced 3 internal affairs investigations, six citizen complaints, 3 use of force incidents, a written reprimand for a property acquisition violation, and multiple suspensions for tardiness, according to documents from the department.

Homic is the second officer to be arrested by West Palm Beach Police in the last two months. Police arrested and charged Zachary Immler with grand theft last month. Investigators said he stole $6,500 while on duty as a narcotics officer during a drug raid in October.

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