'Out of her mind:' Woman detained under Baker Act after children rescued from roof

Children rescued from rooftop, woman hospitalized for mental evaluation. (Delray Beach Police)

New video from the Delray Beach Police Department in to CBS 12 news shows the terrifying moments officers saved two toddlers from the edge of a roof.

Officers say the woman holding the children was hallucinating.

The video speaks for itself.

“How do we get into the house,” says an officer running to the home.

When three officers walked up to a home in Delray Beach Sunday afternoon , it didn’t look good.

"We’re here to help. No wait,” says an officer in the video.

The video shows a 23-year old woman on a narrow roof ledge holding two children.

“Turned out it was raining, everything was wet, they were half naked and you had a lady that was out of her mind,” Sgt. Mike Debree said.

Two officers were tasked with bringing the children and woman to safety, while another tried to calm things down below.

Officers say they had no idea what the woman was going to do.

“During that time, I had to hold her and she kept yelling she was going to jump to someone downstairs,” Sgt. Brian Griffith said.

But luckily the kids were brought to safety.

“Didn’t even think about it. Just went it there wanted to secure the kids,” Debree said.

They kept a bad situation from getting worse.

“It would’ve been something that would’ve ended tragically and we were happy to not have that happen,” Officer Rob Addea said.

Police say the Florida Department of Children and Families has taken custody of the children. The woman told police she took Molly, the pure powder form of ecstasy, which caused her to hallucinate.

They say the woman will be arrested once she is released from the Baker Act.

Criminal charges are pending, according to police.

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