'Weapons of war do not belong in our communities:' Deutch hosts town hall on gun violence

'Weapons of war do not belong in our communities:' Deutch hosts town hall on gun violence.(WPEC)

The shooting at the YouTube headquarters in California have caused such a shock wave, that its effects can be felt in South Florida.

Emotion poured through the microphone Tuesday night at a gun violence prevention town hall, where about 1,000 attendees at The Coral Springs Museum of Art voiced their concerns to our local leaders.

Seven weeks ago, just a few miles from the museum, 17 people lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland.

The town hall kicked off with U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch at the podium, surrounded by 15 local politicians. After the names of those who lost their lives in Parkland were read aloud, Deutch touched on school safety, the need for more mental health resources and gun reform. He is calling for universal background checks on firearm purchases and a ban on assault rifles.

“Weapons of war do not belong in our communities,” Deutch said.

Fred Guttenberg lost his daughter in the school shooting and spoke at the town hall.

“We need to break the back of the gun lobby that has their grip on legislators,” Guttenberg said.

In the long lines of those with questions for politicians, Stoneman Douglas students spoke up first.

“How do we make sure that our funds are being appropriated to the correct areas instead of useless things like clear backpacks?" student survivor Samantha Fuentes asked.

“What is being done to ensure that trauma trained psychologists are available for every student at MSD?" another student questioned.

Deutch helped introduce a bipartisan bill in congress last month that would raise the age to buy any gun to 21. He said he would take what he learned from tonight’s discussion straight back to Washington DC.

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