Wanted teacher shared nude images, hosted sleepovers with teens, records show

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Corey Perry, the once-fugitive West Palm Beach teacher wanted on numerous child pornography charges, shared nude images and hosted sleepovers with teens where he encouraged at least one of them to masturbate, according to the criminal complaint.

Perry, a teacher at H.L. Watkins Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens, shot himself in a motel room in Nashville, Tennessee, last month. The FBI issued a warrant for his arrest two weeks earlier.

According to the criminal complaint, police began investigating Perry on March 16. Police interviewed a 15-year-old boy, a former student of Perry's. The teen claimed he slept over at Perry's house on four occasions. The teen claimed Perry gave him access to his computer where he could watch pornographic material if he wanted to, and lotion if he wanted to masturbate in the bathroom. The same teen said, years earlier, he communicated with a person he thought was a middle-school-aged girl using the screen name, PRINCESSLALA561. The teen said the user sent him nude photos of a woman via Snapchat. The user also asked the teen to send naked photos of himself in return, according to the complaint.

Police spoke with two other teens who also said they slept over at Perry's home, according to the criminal complaint. The 16-year-old told police he received naked photos of a girl via the Kik app by the user PRINCESSLALA561. It started in 2013 when he was 13. The same user asked for naked photos in return. The third victim, a 15-year-old boy, reportedly told police he received naked photos of a girl in the summer of 2015 from a Snapchat user, PRINCESSLALA561. The teen said the user also asked for nude photos.

Things started to unravel when police say the first victim took a photo of the third victim, a friend, and posted it on the first victim's Snapchat account on or around Oct. 9, 2015. Police said Perry then sent that photo via Snapchat to the third victim. The two teens confronted each other to ask who took the photo. That's when they both found out that PRINCESSLALA561 had taken it.

The third victim told police that his Snapchat app had accessed his contact lists on his cell phone and linked the PRINCESSLALA561 account to Perry's personal Snapchat account on or around June 12, 2016. The teen told police he confronted Perry about the links. The teen said Perry denied knowledge of the PRINCESSLALA561 account.

A subpoena for Perry's Snapchat accounts revealed the PRINCESSLALA561 account had been deleted about the same day the teen confronted Perry about it.

Almost a year later, on Mar. 24, 2017, investigators searched Perry's home in West Palm Beach. They seized multiple digital devices, including several cellphones in his bedroom. According to the affidavit, investigators found an image of a young woman that matched the profile picture of the PRINCESSLALA561 image received by the first two victims, hundreds of images and videos of naked young males, some performing sex acts. Investigators also found a Kik account on the phone under the same user name, PRINCESSLALA561.

Investigators took the photos and tried to identify any of them who may be from the area. School employees identified two of the boys as current students and several others as former students who still attend Palm Beach County Schools.

Detectives interviewed the two students, aged 14 and 13. Both said they knew Perry as a teacher at the middle school. Both admitted to receiving nude female photographs from the Kik account PRINCESSLALA561. And both admitted to sending nude photos of themselves to PRINCESSLALA561.


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