Video: Storm Chasers capture Irma slamming into Marco Island

Video Credit: Caleb Elliot

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Strom Chasers captured Hurricane Irma's landfall on Marco Island. The Category 3 storm hit with extremely high winds.

The eyewall slammed into the island, breaking signs, toppling trees and pulling siding off buildings. Debris could be seen on the streets and homes.

Palm trees bend from the high winds and rain during the moment of impact.

Visibility was low as conditions worsened as the eye of Hurricane Irma moved closer to the island. In the video, palm trees are barely seen through the gusting winds.

Near a local resort on the island, powerful winds whip around the towers. They were so strong, they pushed the storm chasers car that was in neutral.

After the northern portion of the eyewall passed, the eye of the hurricane emerged. A drone captured the significant destruction and flooding left behind.

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