Video shows autistic girl running from home in darkness

Chelsea Noel, 4, wandered away from her home before being found dead in a pond. (WPEC)

Video just released by police shows just how quickly a little girl with autism vanished in the middle of the night in Port St. Lucie. Days later, police found her body in a pond near her home.

The father of 4-year-old Chelsea Noel told police she just dashed out of her home on SW Keats Street late Saturday night.

One of several surveillance video released by police is from a backyard camera on a home on Joffre Street, which faced the front door of the girl's house. At 9:39 p.m., a small shadow emerges from the lighted doorway of the home just as a car drives by. Less than a minute later, at 9:40 p.m., a second figure comes out the door. Police say it's the girl's father walking back and forth, looking for her. Police said the video showed just how dark outside it was when the girl disappeared.

Remy Noel, the girl's father, said it was too dark to see which way she went. The father called police and neighbors started searching for her, he told CBS12 on Monday.

The second video comes from a camera located on the side of the same home on Joffre Street.

Police say the video shows Chelsea running down the street. There's a home decorated with Christmas lights on her left.

She wanders past the decorated home to a home next door, wanders around in the driveway before circling back to the home full of Christmas lights.

A third camera angle from a another home shows the girl between the two homes.

The girl ultimately turns away and walks down the street, toward the retention pond where police would recover her body on Monday morning.

Police are calling the case a tragic accident.

Funeral arrangements for Chelsea have not been set. Family members and friends gathered at the pond Monday night for a memorial. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with expenses.

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