VIDEO: Police officer dragged by fleeing suspect in Boynton Beach

    Boynton Beach Police released video of a fleeing suspect dragging a police officer with his car. (Boynton Beach Police)

    A traffic stop takes a terrifying turn when a local police officer is dragged by a suspect’s car.

    Police released body camera video of an officer being dragged by a fleeing suspect with his car in Boynton Beach.

    “Any given day or time as our officers go out on the road, they can encounter that type of situation,” Boynton Beach Police Chief Michael Gregory said.

    The incident happened during a traffic stop on Jan. 17.

    According to police, an officer pulled over a car with an expired tag on Ocean Parkway.

    Police said the driver got out of the car and the officer ordered him to walk toward her and sit in front of her patrol car.

    Investigators said the driver, identified as 47-year-old Timothy Tristan Jones, refused to comply with the commands and appeared fidgety as if he wanted to run off.

    Boynton Beach Police released video of a fleeing suspect dragging a police officer with his car. (Boynton Beach Police)

    Audio can't be heard for the first 30 seconds because of the pre-record feature on the body camera.

    The audio kicked in when the officer hit the record button as police said Jones walked towards his Cadillac.

    “After giving several warnings she drew her taser and actually fired her taser to try and stop Mr.Jones from fleeing the scene. He resisted. He failed to comply with her commands. He entered the vehicle in despite of that and was able to shrug off the affects of the taser and drive away as she was still in the vehicle trying to get freed from it,” Chief Gregory said.

    In the video, Jones can be heard saying, "Help, help, help," as the officer tells him to stop.

    Jones fell back into his car and started to drive away, police said.

    Police said the officer reached into the car and removed the keys from the car. That's when Jones pushed the officer away. Jones then picked up the keys, hopped into his car and drove away, dragging the officer with his car. Police said Jones tried to shut the door on the officer. As he sped up, she managed to free herself from the moving car, according to the arrest report.

    Gregory said the video shows the dangers officers face everyday.

    “We do need there help and cooperation on these traffic stops to make it safer for everybody. Just have a conversation with the officer. Even if they are afraid or frighten, share that and just have a conversation,” he said.

    Police later arrested Jones on charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting with violence, aggravated fleeing and eluding. He also faced a charge of being a habitual traffic offender.

    Doctors at Bethesda Memorial Hospital treated the officer for road rash.

    Jones is scheduled to be in court March 7 for his arraignment.

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