Vero Beach HS students 'give up our seats to the 17'

Vero Beach HS students 'give up our seats to the 17'. (WPEC)

Students from several high schools throughout our area have walked out of class this week for the #EnoughIsEnough movement. Some have even walked off campus.

On Wednesday, about 50 students from Vero Beach High School walked out of class. Thursday, other students decided there was a better way to express themselves.

“I noticed a lot of kids were talking about how the walkout was useless, how it didn't really mean anything,” said Salvatore Boccia, a government teacher at Vero Beach High School. He added, he then asked the students “why don't you guys do something that means something?”

One of his senior students, David Johnson, explained, “we came up with the idea to give up our seats to the 17 students that passed away in the school shooting.”

So he said the entire class, which happened to be 17 students, brought their desks to the courtyard and set them up in the middle of the senior patio. Each desk with a name and age of one of the victims that were gunned down on Valentine’s Day.

He added, “to show everyone we don't have to walk off campus or walk out of class.”

Right now, Boccia’s classroom has no desks in it. The desks will stay in the courtyard for 17 days, one day for each victim. Thursday marked day one.

“It’s for a good cause. After first lunch, students were coming out signing their names and putting letters and cards,” said Boccia.

He said the student's message was powerful. He said his students are saying, “we’re not gonna walk out of school. We’re not afraid to be here. We just want to show our respect and say hey, we have your back. There needs to be change.”

While the debate continues on what that change is, Boccia said he hopes this action inspires other students and makes them realize this is the time to come together.

“The one thing that we all do agree on was that this was wrong and that something needs to be done but paying our respects is the only thing we can do right now,” said Boccia.

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