Vehicle stolen from Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition

Vehicle stolen from Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition (Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition)

It's a Thanksgiving Day thievery.

On Monday, CBS12 News discovered someone ripped off a new county vehicle used to stop substance abuse in the community.

Now, a county worker says he needs your help getting another one.

It’s something tough to talk about for Jeff Kadel, executive director of Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition.

“I was devastated and then frustrated and now just plain angry,” he said.

Kadel says the thieves cut through several locks to get the trailer.

However, their getaway was captured on the surveillance video.

“A lot of time energy and money vanished on Thanksgiving Day,” Kadel said.

Instead of breaking bread on a holiday meant for sharing, the thieves stole county property. The custom built county vehicle, valued around $12,000, would have provided a slew of services at outreach events.

“Drug and alcohol prevention, HIV prevention, HIV testing, talk about mental health first aid,” Kadel said.

Kadel says it wasn’t easy to secure funding for the vehicle from the start; he says he had to parse together funding from county, state and federal funding.

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