Vanilla Ice talks new 'Ice Ice Baby' on song's 28th anniversary

Vanilla Ice talks about his new baby, his new projects, and Christmas plans in an interview with CBS12 on the 28th anniversary of Ice Ice Baby hitting No. 1 on Billboard. (WPEC)

Vanilla Ice called his 3-month-old daughter the best birthday gift ever.

The entertainer, actor, rapper, musician and philanthropist shared on Twitter a photo of his 3-month-old princess on Halloween, his birthday.

Her name is Priscilla. "It rhymes with Vanilla," he said.

Ice is pretty proud of his family.

"It's awesome being a dad," said Ice. "Kids get to run around, you get to be a big kid with them, take them to Disney, run through the house, go for ice cream. It's great to have kids, they keep you young, keep you moving and keep you cool."

His 21-year-old daughter is about to graduate college and work as an entertainment lawyer. His 18-year-old daughter just graduated from high school.

And on the night of this interview, he had plans to take family members to see the new "Halloween" movie at the drive-in. A relative liked the old-school feel of watching a movie on the big screen in a car.

Old-school is nothing new for Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle. He's been living it ever since his signature song launched him to super stardom exactly 28 years ago.

Nov. 3, 1990-that's when "Ice Ice Baby" peaked at No 1. on the Billboard music charts.

Ice said the song has become somewhat of an anthem.

"I can't believe it's been that long, it feels like it's yesterday. I'm still dancing like a teenager."

The song brings back memories.

"It will also generate all those thoughts like a photographic memory in your head when you hear the song so you know when you were dating in high school," Ice said.

And it will create new ones.

"It's always a hit at every wedding," laughed Ice.

But what he believes is even bigger than "Ice Ice Baby" may come as a surprise. And that's his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's a huge fan.

"I did the anthem theme song to the movie, 'Go ninja, go ninja, go,' so it's been an adventure. I'll never top that. Greatest thing ever. I grew up to it. I see little kids growing up to it today."

The never-ending fan base may be what's fueling "Ice Ice Baby" as a cultural phenomenon. Who knows. Vanilla Ice is certainly enjoying the ride.

"I choose to live like a teenager until time is done because I want to dance."

Back to family and kids.

In addition to filming Season 9 of the Vanilla Ice Project, he's getting ready for his annual Christmas party, Winterfest. It's the 12th annual Vanilla Ice Holiday Block Party. It's free. It'll be at the International Equestrian Center in Wellington on Dec. 7. The party benefits Little Smiles which helps all the local children's hospitals.

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