VA orders facilities to display temporary photos of Trump, Shulkin

VA releases temporary, official photos of President Trump and VA Secretary Shulkin to be displayed at VA facilities until official portraits from the White House are issued.

The Department of Veterans Affairs ordered all facilities Thursday to put up temporary official photos of President Trump and VA Secretary Shulkin.

The decision came after CBS12 broke the story. Earlier this week, Congressman Brian Mast and a group of angry veterans demanded the West Palm Beach VA hospital put up the portraits.

Workers put them up, only to have the hospital take them down again, citing it must follow protocol.

Two days later, after the national uproar, a change.

"When veterans see a problem, they fix it, and this week was no different," Rep. Mast said Thursday. "Thank you to our veterans, the West Palm Beach VA and the White House for coming together to address our veterans' concerns."

The Department of Veteran Affairs issued this statement:

Though we have been abiding by this protocol, and have been anxiously awaiting an official photo of the President to be sent to us by the White House, we have decided to issue the following guidance to our facilities for the interim period.

The VA sent a link to all of its facilities where official high resolution photos of President Trump and Secretary Shulkin can be downloaded and displayed until the White House releases the official portrait of President Trump.

"The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), like all other federal agencies, relies on the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) to provide us official photos of the President to display in our facilities. The GPO will print the portraits upon receipt of the file from the White House and then distribute accordingly," wrote VA spokesman Randal Noller.

According to West Palm Beach VA Medical Center spokesperson Kenita Gordon, the facility is already placing photos throughout the main facility. Unofficial photos will also be placed at outlying facilities as soon as possible, Gordon said.

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