US Coast Guard member talks about the risky rescue of 5 boaters near Lake Worth

US Coast Guard member talks about the risky rescue of 5 boaters near Lake Worth (WPEC)

A risky save with five lives on the line.

Curren O’Grady was one of several U.S. Coast Guard members who saved five boaters near the Lake Worth Inlet.

O'Grady makes the save sound easy, but it wasn’t.

“ We just got me off and got ‘em home,” he said.

His Coast Guard Unit had to save five people from a 26-foot boat that capsized.

“ I saw the black bottom of the hole sitting on top of the water and 5 guys sitting on top of it holding each other trying not to fall off,”

His crew had to wrestle waves as high as 6 feet to get to them.

To make matters worse, none of the victims had on a life jacket.

“Their life jackets were all in the cutting cabin," O'Grady said. "So when they flipped, none of them had time to get hold of a life jacket."

So when O’Grady and his crew spotted the boat, they knew they had to act quickly.

“Since the waves were so rough and it was shaking back and forth, we decided it would be safer to use an even line bag throw a line to them and get them ,” he said.

One by one, he lifted all five to safety.

“They got very lucky their cell phones were working because when they flipped, they didn’t have the flares readily available,” O’Grady said.

All of the victims are OK. The U.S. Coast Guard says they were visiting the area.

U.S. Coast Guard officials say to avoid a situation like this, be sure to listen to channel 12 on your VHF and make sure your life jackets are easily accessible.

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