Unusual animal causing double takes in Ft. Pierce

Unusual animal causing double takes in Ft. Pierce. (WPEC)

What would an animal—normally found in Africa---be doing roaming around near Ft. Pierce?

Matthew MacArthur saw the creature near his home.

And he took pictures of it. It was an African warthog, which of course, is not native to south Florida.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sent officers out to investigate after getting numerous eyewitness reports that the warthog was seen near homes on Brookline Avenue and also on Belleair Avenue.

FWC says the animal appeared to be living in a wooded area nearby.

The African warthog became a frequent guest and some homeowners were feeding it.

Daniel McCormack, a retired stockbroker and grandparent who has lived nearby for 18 years, also saw the warthog.

He says it was sort of a mystery where the African warthog came from and how it got there. He says it was friendly and not aggressive.

FWC tried---and finally succeeded after several attempts---to capture the warthog with a rope snare. But in the process, one of the officers suffered cuts on his legs from the warthog’s tusks.

Neighbors think it was someone’s pet that escaped. FWC says they were not able to determine who owned the warthog.

It was euthanized because they say African warthogs can sometimes be dangerous and sometimes carry disease.

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