Undercover Boss episode features West Palm Beach local

Friday night’s episode of Undercover Boss contains a unique twist with a local West Palm Beach tie. (MGN)

A Friday night episode of Undercover Boss will contain a unique twist with a local West Palm Beach tie.

Instead of the typical format, this episode features 22-year-old YouTube sensation Bethany Moto.

Moto has a lifestyle channel on YouTube where she covers her passions like beauty, fashion, baking, comedy and music. She initially started her channel in 2009 and has since amassed 1 billion views and 10 million subscribers.

From her popularity, Moto developed the ability to design her own clothing line and travel around the world. On this Undercover Boss episode, Moto wants to go undercover to help others that she inspires to reach their own goals.

“I didn’t have a mentor starting out, but if I could’ve chosen to have one I definitely would have,” explains Moto, “because it would have made navigating the platform a lot easier for me.”

One of those inspired young YouTubers is West Palm Beach native Michael Le. Le is a popular hip-hop dancer who currently has 200,000 subscribers, but wants to reach 1 million so he can continue inspiring his viewers.

“At first I got a phone call and basically they told me they wanted to hire me for a documentary,” shares Le. “I didn’t understand what was happening.”

However, Le still hopped on a plane to Los Angeles to begin filming.

“I had no idea I was being Punk’d," he says.

Moto goes undercover in a wig and fake aesthetics as an aspiring YouTuber named “Skyler.” in this episode. Le teaches her how to dance.

“Michael is an incredible dancer and teacher. He’s very patient and passionate about what he does and it’s very obvious that he knows what hard work is and I can tell that he applies it to everything he does," Moto shares.

Le started dancing at age four and became passionate about hip-hop in the fourth grade when he turned to the performing art as a way to cope with being bullied.

Now, Le says he just wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and hopes this launches his career to the next level so that he can help his parents. They came to the United States from Vietnam and work hard every day.

“Definitely I want this to be where I’m eventually able to support my family,” says Le, “because they work 24/7 and they deserve it.”

To check out Le’s videos, search for "JustMaiko" on Instagram and YouTube.

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