Two people in critical condition after crash involving off-duty PBSO deputy

Two people in critical condition after crash involving off-duty PBSO deputy (WPEC)

Two young adults are in the hospital fighting for their lives after a weekend crash in Delray Beach.

Police say an off-duty Palm Beach County deputy ran a stop sign and collided with an SUV.

The SUV's two occupants -- Farrah Fox, 18 of Delray Beach, and Dylan DeGiuseppe, 20 of Boca Raton -- are in critical condition at Delray Medical Center.

One is an 18-year-old woman from Delray Beach. Her father says she’s lucky to be alive.

“It was a lot, lot worse than I originally thought,” said Dr. Gerard D’Ariano, who lives near the crash scene.

Delray Beach police say Deputy Michael D’Avanzo ran a stop sign, crashing into the SUV at NE 3rd Street and NE 1st Avenue.

The crash Sunday was so violent, the SUV flew across someone’s lawn and into some trees, narrowly missing a townhouse.

D’Ariano says he heard the collision Sunday morning and came running.

“I saw two vehicles, and it was a really violent accident,” he said.

Police say there were seven people in the off-duty deputy’s truck when it hit the SUV.

The doctor who ran over to help says he found a young woman partially ejected from the pickup truck, unconscious. He said a second passenger was also unconscious.

At first, D’Ariano said he couldn’t even see a second vehicle.

“It was completely underneath the tree, had knocked down two trees and was completely against the house,” he said.

Inside the SUV, he worked to stabilize a young woman until paramedics got there.

“I saw the girl unconscious, strapped in and basically pinned from the impact from the side of the vehicle,” he said.

Police say Degiuseppe and Fox in the SUV were rushed to the hospital, as well as two people from the pickup truck who suffered minor injuries.

Three others were treated at the scene.

“This is a city street," D’Ariano said. "This is a very unlikely place to see this kind of massive impact."

D’Avanzo was treated at the scene.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says he has been with them for about a year and a half.

Police are still investigating and no one has been ticketed or charged in the crash.

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