Two families left with nothing after car crashes into apartment

    Two families left with nothing after car crashes into apartment (WPEC)

    Two families are struggling after losing practically everything.

    This after a car crashed into their apartment in the middle of the night nearly plowing into them.

    The families said they don't know the two men who were found dead inside the car in the Palo Verde apartment.

    Two couples and their kids have since moved out of the apartment that is now boarded up. They left with just a few items they stuffed in garbage bags.

    In matter of seconds, their lives were turned upside down.

    “We don't have anything,” Oscar Armando Figueroa said.

    Figueroa said they lost everything Wednesday morning when a car suddenly crashed into their apartment.

    “I heard a loud noise and saw a car take down the wall to our bedroom,” he said.

    Figueroa said the car stopped just a few feet from their bed.

    “ I don't know how we are all alive, but we thank God for watching over us,” he said.

    Figueroa said his wife, 4-year-old daughter and 17-year- old daughter with special needs all escaped through a bedroom window.

    His relative, Jose Eduardo Salgado, was in another room with his wife and two boys, ages six and nine.

    “I began to panic because I thought the roof was going to collapse,” he said.

    Salgado and his family also escaped through a window.

    They are all praying they’ll some how get their lives back on track

    “You do not know what people are going through until you experience it yourself,” Salgado said.

    The families told CBS12 News they were relocated to another apartment in the complex.

    But they are still without basic necessities like clothes, shoes, furniture and other items for the kids.

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