Two dead in murder-suicide on Singer Island

Two dead in a murder-suicide on Singer Island. (WPEC)

A tragedy just days before Christmas.

Two people are dead, a couple in their mid-20’s, victims of what Riviera Beach Police say was a murder-suicide on Singer Island.

The murder-suicide happened in a second-floor apartment at 1248 Surf Road. Apartment 3.

There’s a wreath on the door, but for the victims’ relatives, this certainly will not be a joyous Christmas.

“I’m shocked, amazed and heartbroken. Especially you know during the holidays, I guess you know a lot of emotions and tensions run high,” said Crystal Barrios, a Singer Island resident.

Crystal Barrios can’t believe her two friends are gone.

Richard Bater-Timilty, 27, who also went by the name Travis, and his girlfriend, Holly Given, 26.

Police say Travis shot and killed Holly and then took his own life inside their apartment on Surf Road on Singer Island.

When she didn’t hear from them, his mother went to check on the couple and found them dead in a bathroom around 3:00 Wednesday afternoon.

“My heart bleeds for his mom , like I have a child, I can’t even imagine walking into something like that. That’s gotta be the most tragic, grieving thing a mother could ever deal with,” Barrios said.

Neighbors downstairs say they heard two gunshots about midnight.

Friends say they’d been dating a few months and began living together in August.

“It’s a young couple that we knew well and it’s sad,” Barrios said.

Riviera Beach Police say both Travis and Holly worked at the Sailfish Marina on Singer Island. He was a boat captain, and she worked there as a bartender.

Police say they have no history of domestic violence calls involving the couple. But a neighbor believes Holly was trying to move out and perhaps Travis couldn’t bear to lose her.

“It’s unbelievable. They were not the type of people that would wind up like this,” said Peter Keller, a neighbor, and friend of the couple.

“It’s just not like my son to do something like this,” said Lisa Martinez, Travis’ mother, who spoke with us off-camera.

She says he was a loving, caring, kind-hearted person. She says both Travis and Holly owned guns, they had about 8 guns in the apartment.

She says she doesn’t know what set him off.

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