Trump to hold ‘listening session’ after Parkland tragedy, teens call for gun control

Teens call for gun control after Parkland tragedy (WPEC)

It was a somber night in Parkland as roads leading to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School reopened.

A makeshift memorial with 17 crosses for each of the victims sits in front of the school.

Many of the student survivors are turning their traumatic experience into calls for stricter gun control laws.

After the scare of their lives, students and community members spoke out at a gun control rally near the school at North Community Park in Coral Springs.

Danielle Gomez lost her friend Nicolas Dworet, a swimmer dreamed of going to the Olympics.

Now, Gomez is fighting for every other child who deserves to have a bright future.

“We don’t challenge people’s individual rights to own a handgun, or to own a small weapon. But these military-grade weapons, semi-automatics, should not be in the public. This is just unacceptable. This doesn’t have to do with the second amendment this has to do with common sense laws,” she said.

President Donald Trump will host a “listening session” for high school students this Wednesday, a week after the tragedy that left 17 dead.

The White House did not say whether Trump will meet with Parkland teens.

Many student survivors say they’re not interested.

On Sunday, Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to discuss everything from securing our borders to tax reform, as well as the recent tragedy in Parkland.

School district officials have said the goal is to reopen the school and have teachers return by the end of the week, with students expected to be back by the following week.

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