Trump returns to DC; Airspace violation reported

Trump returns to DC; Airspace violation reported. (CBS News)

President Donald Trump got in one last round of golf in Palm Beach County on New Year’s Day, before heading back to Washington.

Prior to President Trump leaving town, NORAD confirmed a small plane had violated the temporary airspace restriction related to the President’s visit, just the day before.

President Trump, members of the First Family, and members of Trump’s cabinet all boarded Air Force One around 4:20 on Monday. The aircraft departed Palm Beach International Airport moments later.

John Hines of Palm City, was among those who turned out to see the President off.

Hines, who describes himself as a “lukewarm” Trump supporter, told us he was dropping off his son-in-law at the airport anyway, so decided to take in the President’s departure.

“I think (his visits are) fine, as long as he keeps doing his job, which he is, I’m sure,” said Hines. “He’s on the phone constantly, on the golf course constantly, I see too. But that’s alright I ‘m a golf fan as well.”

Trump did spend most of New Year’s Day golfing at his Trump International Golf Club near West Palm Beach.

The night before at his annual New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump touted his accomplishments the past year, the tax overhaul, approval of oil drilling in Alaska, and repeal of the health care mandate.

Trump predicted 2018 would be a “tremendous year.”

A spokesman for NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, told CBS12 the airspace violation happened Sunday afternoon.

Navy Lt. Michael Hatfield said the private plane came into the restricted airspace some 29 miles from the winter White House. Hatfield said two F-16 fighter jets escorted the aircraft to the North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport.

The pilot apparently was not aware of the restriction.

There have been dozens of airspace violations during President Trump’s visits, this season and last.

A spokeswoman for the FAA said on Tuesday, she would have the number of airspace violations during the just-completed Trump holiday stay. The FAA decides on any penalties for airspace violations.

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