South Floridians react to new Trump bathing suit

South Floridians react to Trump bathing suit. (Beloved Shirts)

On the beaches of South Florida, some bathing suits are risqué, some are colorful, some are blinged out.

A company called Beloved Wear LLC makes swim-wear featuring the faces of political figures. Their latest item is President Donald Trump with an unflattering look.

President Donald Trump made the face in 2015 on the campaign trail.

Beloved Wear LLC has slapped the picture on a lady's one piece and are selling it for $49.95.

Social media is exploding with comments: "I need this for my vacation, laugh out loud," one girl posts on Facebook. "Found my bathing suit for the cruise," another comments.

But at the beach in Boca, three friends Audra, Lori and Betty Jean told CBS12 News the swimsuit is disrespectful.

"I believe so, yes definitely," Audra said.

"It is inappropriate for the beach and it's like Kathy Griffin holding up Trump's head," Lori added.

"I don't always like what our leaders do or say, but I feel like I have to respect and honor our leaders," Betty Jean said.

That's also how Ronald L Feinman feels. He is the author of two books on politics and is an avid collector of presidential knic-knacs.

Feinman says even if you don't like President Trump, the swim suit is offensive to the American people.

"It's rude, it's inappropriate and I would say that no matter who is the president of the United States," Feinman said.

Back on the beach, never mind the fact its offensive, Audra, Lori and Betty Jean wonder what woman would want to wear it? As it is, they say, finding a bathing suit you feel comfortable in is hard enough.

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