Trio charged with selling drugs in presence of children

Trio charged with selling drugs with children around (PBSO)

Two men and a woman have been charged with selling drugs in the presence of children out of a house in Magnonia Park known for drug deals, according to police.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested and charged Jamille Anglin, Jonathan McFadden and Howard McKenzie Jr. earlier this week for ownership, lease, rental or possession for trafficking in or manufacturing a controlled substance with minors present.

According to the arrest report, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office SWAT and various other units executed a residential search warrant at 1210 Giller Avenue in Magnonia Park for suspicion of drug trafficking. The house gained a reputation starting in the 1990s for supplying drugs such as heroin, marijuana and cocaine to Palm Beach County and other areas, the arrest report noted.

During the raid, deputies say they encountered two children inside the house.

Deputies discovered clear plastic baggies that are often used in drug sales, residue consistent with cocaine in different areas of the house, ammunition and guns. In McKenzie's bedroom, deputies say they uncovered 45 grams of cocaine, 2 bags of empty syringes, 351 grams of marijuana, less than one gram of suspected methamphetamine, 10 Oxycontin pills, 22 Xanax pills, 16 grams of THC and 8 grams of heroin.

McKenzie reportedly told officer he was only staying at the house temporarily and was not aware of the drugs located inside the bedroom.

Anglin was also charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams, while McFadden also faces a charge of being a felon in possession of firearm and ammunition.

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