Tricia Todd's killer purchased chainsaw just prior to slaying: Sheriff

Steven Todd charged in the brutal slaying of ex-wife Tricia Todd WPEC.png

New information has come to light in the investigation surrounding the murder of Tricia Todd of Hobe Sound.

Sheriff's detectives have determined confessed killer Steven Williams bought two saws on Amazon -- including a chainsaw--that they believe he used after he murdered his ex-wife Tricia Todd to dismember her body.

The saws were recovered this week from a canal in the Hungryland Preserve not far from where Todd's partial remains were found, buried in a container of acid.

The sheriff says the fact that he bought the saws on-line back in March is important.

"The significance of where he got them and how he got them plays into the fact that it is clear now that it was a premeditated murder," said Martin Co. Sheriff William Snyder.

Officials say they would need to show the killing was premeditated to charge him with first degree murder.

Another new development. The sheriff says a forensic anthropologist from a university in Ft. Myers is helping the medical examiner study Todd's remains.

This outside expert could help determine how long the body was in the acid, and whether it was there long enough to dissolve parts of Todd's body that have not been recovered.

So far, sheriff's investigators have only found Todd's midsection.

"We still don't know where the remnants, the remainder of those remains are. We have done everything we know to do to look for them. So at this point as painful as it is for me to say, we've gone about as far as we can go," said Snyder.

The Sheriff says it's possible the rest of Todd's remains were placed in the same container, but were dissolved by acid in the weeks before the container was found.

Williams pleaded guilty to second degree murder in return for a 35 year prison sentence.

Since he did not lead authorities to Todd's entire remains, the sheriff says they will argue he violated the plea deal. He is scheduled to be sentenced June 24. Williams is being held at the Martin County Jail. He is on suicide watch and is being monitored 24 hours a day.

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