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Treasure Coast activist doesn't take a holiday when it comes to saving the river

Marty Baum (WPEC)
Marty Baum (WPEC)
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As people fill downtown Stuart for Fourth of July fireworks, river activists have a different plan.

Marty Baum, the Indian River Keeper, said since so many people are out and about, it's a great opportunity to educate.

Once it gets dark, he's going to have three signs shining from the Roosevelt bridge.

"Water is life, because it is," he said. "The next one says, 'Our water is toxic' because it is and then the slogan for Indian River Keeper is 'Demand clean water.'"

Baum made these signs with his own money and in his own time.

"It’s tedious, but it’s different," he said. "Anything that draws attention to our cause."

Baum said spreading awareness is the only thing they can continue to do.

"Awareness that the only solution is the ballot box," said Baum. He said people voting is the only chance for change.

"All of this talk means nothing. Incumbents promise over and over," he said. "We elect you and then they sell us out, every single time."

Baum said he's hoping people will see the signs and share them to spread the word.

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