Traffic crash victim has opened her eyes, now out of coma

Farrah Fox

An emotional story of survival, recovery and family faith.

Today is 19-year-old Farrah Fox's birthday. Instead of celebrating at home with family and friends, she's in a hospital bed having just come out of a coma.

Farrah was seriously injured in a traffic crash involving an off-duty Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy last month.

She still has a long road to recovery.

The fact that Farrah came out of her coma last week is encouraging news for her parents who’ve been at her bedside day and night.

But her father says they still need a miracle.

Several times during her hospital stay, she’s had a visit from Fergie, a certified therapy dog.

Fergie, a labradoodle, seems to have a special bond with this young woman, who came out of a coma last Friday. The dog will lie next to her in her hospital bed for hours at a time.

“Fergie appears to provide Farrah with a lot of comfort. She seems a lot at ease. Relaxed, resting, stimulated,” said Ira Fox, her father.

Farrah’s eyes are now open, which is a sign that she is slowly getting better.

“She’s definitely moving around. I mean 3 or 4 weeks ago there was no movement whatsoever. Of course every day is another mystery. We’re just hopeful that her improvement continues,” he said.

Posters with photos of Farrah in happier times adorn the walls of her hospital room.

Farrah was seriously hurt in a traffic crash July 15 after an off duty PBSO deputy driving a pick-up truck hit the SUV Farrah was riding in. According to the crash report, the deputy was speeding and ran a stop sign.

Doctors are uncertain what the future outlook is for Farrah.

“All that they’ve said was if Farrah makes a 100% recovery, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle. Well, it’s a miracle she’s alive. It’s a miracle she came off the ventilator,” Fox said.

He says they’re relieved Farrah is out of the coma.

If not for the accident, she would be a sophomore at the University of Central Florida where she had several scholarships. She wants to be an aerospace engineer, possibly an astronaut.

“Farrah is full of life. And we all hope that she returns to that. Full of life. I’m ready for another miracle. No matter how long it takes,” her father said.

Farrah’s parents say she will need extensive physical and speech therapy, and she may be transferred to a rehab facility in Mt. Dora when she is well enough.

A BBQ fundraiser is planned for Saturday afternoon 3 p.m.-6 p.m. in Delray Beach to help raise money for Farrah’s medical bills. The fundraiser will be held at Johnson’s Folly Horse Farm at 5135 Conklin Drive in Delray Beach.

RSVP to Dylan at 561-843-9786.

We checked today. The off-duty deputy Michael D’Avanzo involved in this crash has not been charged.

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