Toddler overdoses on heroin, pair charged

Joseph Critelli and Charlie Hagan are facing aggravated child abuse charges. (PBSO)

Two people are facing aggravated child abuse charges after a 1-year-old girl overdosed on heroin.

According to a report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the baby needed two doses of Narcan at St. Mary's Medical Center to be revived.

The investigation began on July 2 when fire rescue crews took the little girl to the hospital.

Detectives believe the child ingested an opiate while in the care of 49-year-old Joseph Anthony Critelli and 38-year-old Charlie Hagan.

Hagan told investigators she was asleep when the baby was in the care of Critelli in another room.

Critelli told investigators they called 911 because the little girl was fussy more than usual and started to make a raspy noise.

Hagan, according to the report, said she went to the hospital earlier in the week after overdosing on heroin.

Critelli claimed to be a pharmacist with a valid license, but investigators wrote in their report he appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic while speaking to deputies at the scene. He said he thought the child found one of his cigarettes but then believed she might be dehydrated. The man also told deputies that they were all playing on the bed because the little girl never gets on the floor because she has enough toys on the bed.

Deputies later determined the girl could not play on the floor because off all the stuff on the floor. Deputies said someone at the home is a hoarder due to the house being "covered from ground to ceiling with a multitude of items," according to the report.

Several days before the girl overdosed, an extended family member filed for emergency custody, but was denied.

Hagan and Critelli are also facing charges of possession of paraphernalia and child neglect causing great bodily harm. Both are out on bond.

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