Tigers Woods pleads guilty to DUI charges, sentenced to 1 year probation

Legal experts say no favoritism for Woods taking DUI deal. (Pool)

Golfing great Tiger Woods cut a deal Friday to put his DUI arrest behind him.

Woods arrived at the North County Courthouse in a black SUV.

He made his way inside through a crowd of media and a number of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies.

Jupiter Police arrested Woods in May.

Police found him passed out at the wheel of his idling SUV in the middle of the night on Memorial Day.

On the police dash cam video you see Woods stumbling around, and you hear him slurring his words.

A breathalyzer test showed no alcohol, but Woods had traces of prescription painkillers, Vicodin, and Dilaudid, in addition to Xanax, Ambien, and THC.

Today inside the courtroom Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving.

“Mr. Woods are you entering this plea freely and voluntarily,” said the Judge.

“Yes,” said Woods.

Woods spoke softly saying only the word “yes” during his short hearing.

The plea deal means he will enter a DUI diversion program.

“Mr. Woods is on a one year probation. He has to fulfill the terms of the program by then,” said State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

As part of his probation woods must pay $250 in fines, 10 days of vehicle immobilization , and have no alcohol or drugs that aren’t prescribed by a doctor.

He will also be subject to random drug testing.

The judge said Woods has already completed alcohol substance abuse treatment, 50 hours of community service through his foundation, gone to DUI school, and completed a victim impact panel.

“We require a lot and ask a lot but at the end of the day if you succeed than you will have a withheld adjudication for reckless driving on your record and not a conviction,” said State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

It’s a program State Attorney Dave Arongberg said has proved very effective in reducing repeat offenses.

It has a much lower recidivism rate than if you plead guilty to DUI and don’t have the program,” said State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

Aronberg also noted this is not any sort of preferential treatment it’s a program offered to first-time offenders who qualify.

If Woods violates the conditions of the program the judge could sentence him to up to 90 days in jail.

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