Three puppies saved after left in a bucket to die in Okeechobee

Three puppies saved after left in a bucket to die in Okeechobee (WPEC)

Three puppies are in good hands tonight at a Port St. Lucie animal hospital after two Good Samaritans found them in a bucket in the middle of a rural Okeechobee road.

Meaghan Billemeyer and her husband, Chris, were looking for property in Okeechobee yesterday when they spotted the bucket.

From far away, they thought it was an animal, having no idea they were about to find a trio of 14-week-old puppies.

After taking them out of the road and into their car, Meaghan Billemeyer took out her cell phone and began taking video.

“Look at how starving they are," she said in the video. "Who does this?”

“(They were) left to starve to death,” Meaghan Billemeyer said. "In the middle of the Florida heat. No food and no water.”

The couple then went and got food and water, making sure the puppies had enough to eat and drink.

After that, they decided to take them to her veterinarian at Kindness Animal Hospital in Port St. Lucie.

“Oh, it was really bad,” said Dr. Rose Eger of Kindness Animal Hospital.

So bad, according to Eger, that she’s never seen a case like this in her nearly 30 years as a veterinarian.

"These are like little starving children,” she said. “They haven’t had a good meal in at least a week or two.”

They had fleas, worms and feces all over them.

"People will do things you will not believe,” Eger said. “How could someone do this? No, these are just four-legged children. They need TLC and they need to be put on a special diet.”

The puppies are now on the mend at their new temporary home while Meghan Billemeyer has a message for whoever did this.

"How do you do something like that? I would question why is it that they were left in the middle of the road and not somewhere where they could be found and safe," she said.

But now, Meaghan Billemeyer worries about their mother, as well as getting them forever homes.

"(We’ll) get these babies healthy enough to adopt,” she said.

As for who did this, it’s expected to be very difficult to track them down. There’s no surveillance video in the area where they were dumped and there’s no police report.

If you’d like to help with their medical expenses, the Billemeyers have created a GoFundMe account for the puppies.

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