'They need our actions:' Palm Beach County to join National School Walkout in March

'They need our actions:' Palm Beach County to join National School Walkout in March (WPEC)

The mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has sparked calls for school walkouts across the country as students, teachers and parents push lawmakers to pass tougher gun laws.

Right now, over 18,000 people across the country plan to attend the National School Walkout planned for next month.

Organizers for the walkout hope a strong message is sent to Washington that enough is enough.

“If us as a society continue with the momentum, then there is no other choice for Congress but to act,” Maria Torres Lopez said.

Torres Lopez with the Women’s March is helping organize the National School Walkout that Palm Beach County will be part of.

Organizers are calling for a 17-minute walkout on March 14 to protest Congress' inaction to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing schools and neighborhoods.

“Our children need more than our prayers, need more than our 'let’s see what happens,'” Lopez said. "They need our actions.”

Torres Lopez says students will lead the way in organizing the event, as school children are now rallying for lawmakers to make changes to keep them safe from gun violence.

“Of course we have to make sure people with mental health issues get the help they need, but if they don’t get a gun in the first place, this will not happen,” Torres Lopez said.

In order to send a strong message to Washington, walkouts are being planned across the country.

Torres Lopez says students and staff should not have to worry about being gunned down in class.

“We are done, we are fed up,” she said.

However, this isn’t the only event being planned.

The Network for Public Education Action, an advocacy group for schools, is calling for a “National Day of Action” on the anniversary of Columbine.

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