The Fonz in #The561

Henry Winkler made all the girls swoon when he hit TV screens in 1974 as "the Fonz" on the popular series, "Happy Days", and he hasn't slowed down since.

Winkler, 71, has experienced a busy and fascinating career, and he chose to share his story with residents at the "La Posada" Senior Living Community in Palm Beach Gardens.

Winkler said, "I never wanted to be a flash in the pan. I dreamt about my career when I was 7."

Now, not only is Winkler producing a new show on HBO, he's also acting in the NBC drama, "Better Late Than Never", and just finished his 34th novel, "Here's Hank: Always Look For Potato Salad." He jokingly explained, "Which is really important you know, because it could hit you right in the eye."

His motivation behind writing the books is helping children and parents work with Dyslexia. It's a condition Winkler was diagnosed with when he was 50, but struggled with his during his school days growing up. "There is a power in each of us that is either untapped or unleashed. Grades and school do not define the child", Winkler said.

So he hopes these books, typed with a specialized font to aid the reading process, motivate children to "just try." He laughed and explained, "Out of 'I will try' came 34 novels!"

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