Test exemptions causing controversy at Stoneman Douglas High School

Test exemptions causing controversy at Stoneman Douglas High School (WPEC)

Too traumatized to take a state test.

A group of frustrated parents and students in Parkland contacted CBS 12 News, asking to investigate test exemptions, which could soon be unfolding inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

"I'm definitely changed for the rest of my life," freshman Alexa Kitaygorodsky said.

On the day of the shooting, the gunman couldn't get inside her first floor classroom, but as she ran down the hall to escape the building, she saw some of the victims.

Seventeen lives were cut tragically short that day and Kitaygorodsky is still very rattled. Taking a state required algebra test to determine if she can advance in grades seems like a daunting prospect.

"I know a bunch of kids who still have not come back to school, they are still not OK , I mean no one is,"she said.

"Everyone has experienced the same event in different ways, but you can't judge who has had less of a traumatic experience from someone else," said Lori Kitaygorodsky, Alexa's mother.

CBS12 asked the Broward School System why some are getting a pass and some aren't, they say they are working on an answer.

But in a letter sent home to parents, FL Education explains some tests like FSA Algebra 1- are necessary for moving up in grade levels. If Stoneman Douglas students aren't feeling up to taking the tests now, they can do so next school year, but Kitaygorodsky says the option to delay is insensitive and should be off her plate altogether forever.

"When you're in class with your teachers and students, all you're thinking about is this is where I was when it happened," she said.

Here's what the district has released on this:

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