Police: Teacher’s lewd behavior occurred at multiple times and locations

Teacher’s lewd behavior occurred at multiple times and locations. (WPEC)

The ultimate betrayal of trust. A teacher, who was supposed to be watching out for children, shaping their futures, is accused of molesting at least one of them.

Accused of molesting at least one of his students, Terrence Dwarika appeared before a judge this morning. The 38-year-old is a music teacher at Trinity Christian School in Palm Beach Gardens. According to a police report, the lewd behavior happened several times at multiple locations including church property and a Palm Beach Gardens home. The victim also took unsupervised private music lessons with Dwarika for two years.

Psychologist, Rachel Needle says sexual abuse can cause many short and long-term problems for a victim, especially a child.

“Increased depression, anxiety, shame guilt, difficulty with trust in relationships, sexual problems, eating disorders and self-blame,” said Doctor Needle.

Some alleged incidents took place inside the music room at Trinity Christian School, another inside a bathroom on school grounds according to the police report. Now, Palm Beach Gardens police are looking for more victims. Doctor Needle says no matter what, parents need to keep their cool.

“Be observant and talk to your children on a daily basis about their day and remind them what’s important and that they can talk to you about anything,” said Doctor Needle.

The school says in part “We will fully cooperate with the police in this investigation. Trinity UMC considers nothing more sacred than the safety, protection, and care of our children.”

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Saint-Dic was arrested on a warrant and picked up in Boynton Beach, Monday.”

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