Tampa serial killer strikes again in Seminole Heights

Tampa Police believe the latest killing of a 60-year-old man is related to the other recent murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. (CNN Newsource)

An intense manhunt is underway in Tampa’s Seminole Heights neighborhood for a serial killer.

“I hope they catch him alive,” said Stan Lasater, president of Southeast Seminole Heights.

Police believe a serial killer struck again early Tuesday morning.

Police said the killer shot 60-year-old Ronald Felton from behind as he walked across the street.

Lasater said Felton was on his way to help others.

“He was walking to church to do the weekly food pantry," he said. "So he hands out food to the homeless here in the neighborhood."

It’s another unprovoked attack in a neighborhood already on edge.

Last month, a serial killer shot three people just one mile from each other.

But this time there is a witness.

"A suspect is a black male, thin built, dressed in all black, wearing a black baseball cap,” said Steve Hegar of the Tampa Police Department.

Police spent the day knocking on doors systematically searching the neighborhood where they believe the killer lives.

“To be scared in my own home makes me angry because I feel like this is the one place that I love and said I’ll live forever,” Lasater said.

Lasater hopes they find the killer soon.

“I want this killer to look in the eyes of these people who lost their loved ones and I want them to explain why, and I want them to feel the grief and the pain that these families are feeling,” he said.

Police want everyone who lives in the neighborhood who owns a gun to verify its location and report it immediately if it’s missing. They also want them to check footage from any security cameras.

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