Accused ISIL supporter gets 12 years in prison

Gregory Hubbard, Darren Jackson and Dayne Christian face sentencing today. (WPEC)

A man who pleaded guilty in a home-grown terrorism investigation received 12 years in prison.

A federal judge handed down the sentence Wednesday to Gregory Hubbard.

He was one of three men arrested in July of 2016 by the FBI.

Investigators believed the three wanted to travel overseas to join ISIL, according to an FBI informant in court documents.

Authorities arrested Hubbard at Miami International Airport just before he boarded a flight to Berlin.

Investigators believe Hubbard was on his way for training in Syria and talked about returning to the U.S. He expressed interest in the White House and the Pentagon as targets.

Dayne Christian and Darren Jackson will be sentenced later today.

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