Suspect still at large after aspiring actress found dead in Delray community garden

Suspect still at large after aspiring actress found dead in Delray community garden (WPEC)

A suspect is still on the loose after the body of an aspiring actress was found in a local community garden.

Right now, Delray Beach police officers are looking for clues after discovering 33-year-old Jennifer Salcito's decomposing body in Frog Alley Community Garden Tuesday afternoon. The homicide investigation is now kicked into overdrive as officers are racing against time to find out who’s responsible.

Robert Buchholz, a retired New York state police captain, says there are several critical things investigators are likely focusing on right now. He says detectives likely combed through the garden looking for blood and footprints from Salcito or the killer, but anything can be a clue.

“Could be an old coffee cup, could have been there for two months, could have been dropped by the perpetrator,” he said.

On Wednesday afternoon, the crime scene tape was down, but Buchholz says the crime scene investigation team is working hard.

“Using technical equipment that they are using today to analyze fingerprints and saliva,” he said.

Buchholz says the key to narrowing down a list of suspects is DNA.

“For instance, if she was in a fight with him, she scratched him, his skin is probably under her fingernails,” he said.

Another piece of the puzzle is the autopsy report, which officers could be waiting on for more clues detectives anxiously need.

“The time of death, the date of death, the manner of death,” Buchholz said.

Right now, Buchholz says detectives are also trying to determine when she was last seen alive and who she was with by hunting for surveillance video, as well as hoping neighbors remember seeing Salcito before.

“If you saw here a month ago, was she alone or with someone, if she was with somebody, was it a male or a female,” he said.

Authorities can typically receive a preliminary autopsy report within days.

However, a full autopsy report, which is public record in Florida, could take several weeks.

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