Lake Worth graffiti suspect once tried to buy Chinese SKS rifle online: Sheriff

Tyler Miller, 24, accused of spraying graffiti in Lake Worth, once tried to buy a Chinese SKS semi-automatic rifle in 2013. Stopped b Boynton Beach Police in 2018 while dressed in a tan uniform. (PBSO|Boynton Beach Police)

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested a man in connection to a batch of graffiti sprayed around Lake Worth.

Deputies arrested 24-year-old Tyler Miller on six counts of damage to property and criminal mischief.

The sheriff's office responded to numerous reports of vandalism in Lake Worth on Saturday. Some of the graffiti had anti-cop and Communist messages. One read, "Kill a cop, save a life."

Inmates painted over the graffiti on Monday.

There may be more people involved. A witness told CBS12 the sheriff's office received surveillance footage of the crime which shows a group of four men.

According to the arrest report, Miller has been on the radar of law enforcement in the past.

Miller, according to the arrest report, once tried to buy an SKS semi-automatic rifle online in 2013. Deputies said someone reported seeing him at a firearms store to fill out paperwork while dressed in a Chinese military uniform. He told deputies he had two AK-47 style airsoft guns in his room, which was decorated with Russian and Chinese communist-type paraphernalia, a large photo of Lenin and a red-and-yellow hammer and sickle flag. The deputy noted 20 rounds of ammunition loaded in stripper clips designed for SKS rifles, and a gas mask in the room.

Miller enrolled and dropped out of Forrest Hill High School on several occasions and also attended the G Star School of the Arts, according to the report.

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