'Survivor' cast member wanted to send a message


Joseph Del Campo, 72, appeared on this season of 'Survivor' and the first episode airs Wednesday night on CBS 12.

Del Campo says competing on 'Survivor' wasn't necessarily about winning, it was about achieving something special and sending a message.

He was one of 18 people chosen to brave the tasks, elements and other contestants in hopes of winning the $1 million prize.

"They were pretty demanding. The heat was incredible. One of the days it was 118 degrees," said Del Campo.

But Del Campo has never shied away from adversity.

On the wall of his home are plaques and awards from throughout his career.

Del Campo served in the Navy and worked as an agent in the FBI.

"I worked in violent crime, bank robberies, kidnappings and murders. I was a hostage negotiator," Del Campo said.

Del Campo said it's those responsibilities says that prepared him for 'Survivor.'

With the newest season yet to air, he's is sworn to secrecy about what happened on the island.

But Del Campo says he hopes it can inspire others close to his age to stay active.

"Might be a message to people that, you know what, age isn't a barrier. It's a mental barrier, not a physical one," said Del Campo.

Del Campo says if he wins, he plans to donate part of the prize to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

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