Surveillance video shows woman's murder outside store in Lake Worth

Deputies say Hugo Selva killed his girlfriend Nicole Novak outside a grocery store in Lake Worth. (WPEC | Photos from Facebook)

Surveillance video shows exactly what led up to the chaos that shut down I-95 for hours Wednesday.

CBS12 watched the video, but agreed not to videotape it.

In the video you can see Hugo Selva and Nicole Novak leave the My Neighborhood Grocery store after two trips inside.

A woman who works at a neighboring business said she watched as the terrifying scene unfolded in the parking lot.

“They went in the store, bought some cigarettes and came back out of the store. Then they went back in the store and used the ATM machine,” said Melissa.

In the video the couple appeared to be arguing before Novak hopped in the driver’s seat. Then in the video it appears Selva pulled out a gun and shot and killed her.

With Novak out of the car the video appears to show Selva climb into the driver’s seat and begin to pull away.

The video then shows Selva backed out of the parking spot, appearing to leave, before changing his mind and pulling into another spot.

The video goes onto show Selva putting Novak’s body in the car, and taking off.

“He went to panicking like when you do something and then you regret you did it. I guess he kind of regretted what he did and picked her up and threw her in the car and just drove off like a maniac, like he did on 95,” said Melissa.

The video shows multiple people rushed to the scene to help Novak.

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