Surveillance video catches burglar snatching valuables and peace of mind

Surveillance video catches burglar snatching valuables and peace of mind. (WPEC)

Ripped off and outraged!

Surveillance video shows a burglar breaking into a Port Saint Lucie home, stealing several items. Now the homeowner is furious and is calling for police to arrest this crook. The homeowner, James Shadowen says he feels violated. He says the burglar stole more than just his stuff, but his peace of mind too.

Green Grass, and friendly neighbors are under the blue sky along SW Tampico Street in Port Saint Lucie.

“I never thought that it would happen here,” said Homeowner James Shadowen.

Last Friday night James Shadowen’s home on Tampico Street was burglarized and it was all captured on surveillance video.

“I can’t even explain what it’s like to know that somebody’s in your house going through all your stuff and taking things that are yours,” said Shadowen.

When the burglar first popped up on video at the back door, you can see Shadowen’s two labs rushing toward him.

“Nothing other than barking, barking but with wagging tails,” said Shadowen.

He says the crook went to another back door, and let his dogs outside, while he stepped in. The lights are off in the home, but the infrared camera shows the thief rummaging through the Master bedroom.

“Yeah I am angry…He came in this way and he came back around that way so he made a complete loop of the house, he didn’t miss any rooms,” said Shadowen.

The crook swiped to vases full of change, which took Shadowen three years to collect, but money wasn’t the only thing missing.

“He just walked out with a big bag of jewelry and whatever he got out of the closet,” Shadowen. He says the thief took also took a Samsung tablet, and a diamond ring he values at $6,000. “It wasn’t mine, it was my girlfriend’s and I was keeping it for her for safe keeping believe it or not,” said Shadowen.

Shadowen has this message for the bandit. “He needs help for whatever reason he has for taking other people’s belongings and hopefully he doesn’t hurt other people like he has hurt us,” said Shadowen.

Shadowen says he is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of this bandit.

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