Students march for their rights in West Palm Beach


Students are defending their Second Amendment rights.

On Saturday, students and gun right advocates are rallying and speaking out, arguing stripping people’s guns away is not the answer to stopping violence.

It’s painful for Ralph Curra to remember the day that caused Parkland so much pain.

Ralph was in class at Westglades Middle School which neighbors Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where Nikolas Cruz open fired, killing 17 people.

That frightful day is one he will never forget, giving him more reason to stand with others who support our second amendment rights.

Today’s March For Our Rights rally took place with a strong message, arguing without the second amendment, we would have no way to defend ourselves from individuals who wish to do us harm.

Organizers say they want to send a message that there are millions of young Americans who value gun rights and the second amendment.

This comes during the “Road to Change” tour lead by Parkland students, with the main purpose to register young people to vote and educate them about elected officials who refuse to stand up to the NRA.

March For Our Rights has been vocal about protecting gun rights and school safety.

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