Stuart woman recovering after being shot in the stomach

Aaliyah Rogers (Rogers family)

Aaliyah Rogers, 20, was shot in the stomach in East Stuart Tuesday night.

The shooting happened right across from a daycare, down the road from two schools and blocks away from a little league baseball game.

Police had Lake Street and East Avenue taped off while they investigated. However, they still don’t know who is responsible.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Philip Harvey, who’s worked in East Stuart for 28 years.

Harvey was shocked when he heard someone shot a young woman so close to his barbershop.

“We’ve got a nice community. We’ve never had a shooting here,” he said.

Police said several shots were fired, but only one hit Rogers. As of Wednesday evening, they don’t know if she was the intended target or not.

“She’s a nice girl. She didn't have enough problems with anyone to want to hurt her,” said her cousin who wanted to remain anonymous.

She said she heard the gunshots and then a woman screaming, so she ran out of her house but she wasn’t prepared for what she saw.

“I started crying because I know her, we grew up together," her cousin said. "We just glad it's nothing worse that it has to because she was having internal bleeding at first. It's crazy."

Rogers had surgery Wednesday morning and is recovering in the hospital with her family by her side.

The Owner of Platinum Cigars on East Avenue said the shooting happened outside the home behind his store on Lake Street. He said neighbors helped move her to East Avenue where there was better light for the paramedics to help.

“It really needs to stop before someone really gets hurt,” Rogers’ cousin said.

The community said they just wants answers.

“I hope they catch the perp because we don't need that in our community,” Harvey said.

Anyone with information on this shooting is urged to call Crime Stoppers or the detective in charge of this case directly at 772-220-3906.

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